Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Post #15

Well, we are proof that "no news is good news."    Mark continues to feel well.   He walks a couple of miles on most days.  His cancer symptoms are virtually gone.    We haven't had any medical tests to confirm that the cancer is gone, as it cost thousands to just to get to a diagnosis - with no treatment.    But feeling well and having no symptoms - that's saying something!    Thank you so much for your continued faith and prayers!   If any of you would like more details about Mark's diet and supplements, you can email me:   


Mark's struggle now is with Parkinson's disease.   It may seem strange, but if you google melanoma and Parkinson's, you will find that there is a significant correlation - almost two times the average occurance of one if you have the other.    You can guess where I am headed again - back into the medical research.

Did any of you know that I wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up?    I actually considered going to the Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine a few years ago, but decided that launching a new career was impractical.


We love and appreciate all of our wonderful friends.   Without you, our journey would not have been so successful.    Hugs for all of you.




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