Thursday, June 10, 2010

Post #2

Mark's brother, Seth Riddle, is a respected physician.   Of course we called him and he got right to work getting us into the the best doctor for melanoma - Dr. Dirk Noyes.   Dr. N's receptionist was very surprised to see us Tuesday morning, as she said it usually takes weeks to get an appointment.    We later found out that not only had Seth made the referral, but also making the referral were Dr. Dickinson (the one who recognized the tumor for what it was) and Dr. Jones (the emergency room doctor).    All three doctors pointing to the same expert and calling independently of one another to get Mark scheduled in with Dr. Noyes certainly had the desired effect!   It also gives us confidence in Dr. Noyes.   

Unlike his ambivalent name, Dr. No-yes had no doubts.    He confirmed the diagnosis and further confirmed that the cancer was spread to the lymph nodes in the groin.   He ordered a chest x-ray, blood work, an MRI and a PET scan.    Quoting from Mark's email to his children Wednesday June 9:

"Today was a great experience for me--I got to experience both an MRI and a PET-scan.  These are amazing machines--my hat is off to the great scientists, engineers and technicians who conceived of, designed and built these marvelous machines.  If you don't know what they are, take the time to inform yourself with a Google search.  And Spencer can tell  you about the MRI.  I hope to know tomorrow or Friday, from today's tests, how far the cancer has spread.  That will then determine what the doctors think they can do for me.

In the meantime, we are doing what we can by eating a juice and soft food diet.  Laurel is juicing fruits and veggies for me.   And we are praying and asking for a miracle."

Yes, I am making a big mess in the kitchen juicing for Mark.   I had a long talk with Dean and Ann Richards before they left for Alaska and they shared the recipies Dean had developed based on his research.   Daily doses of those, along with Noni juice, lots of prayer and good doctors are what Dean credits with his cancer recovery.   Many of you probably know that Dean is a bio-chemist.    He took the latest research and put it to practical use.   I also have been given other very good advice about natural remedies which have helped other people I know.   We plan to use all of the tools our Heavenly Father makes available to give Mark the best chance, including medical science and natural alternatives to boost the immune system.   Keeping an active hope is also important.   We are prepared for the worst, but hoping and working for the best.    Help us pray for a miracle!
Laurel & Mark

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