Thursday, June 10, 2010

Post #3

We saw Dr. N on Tuesday, had all the tests yesterday, and now have results.  To quote Mark:

"Got the results of tests from Dr. Dirk Noyes this morning: I have Stage IV melanoma, spread from rectum to groin and probably pelvis and spleen.  But there's no sign of it in lungs or brain, so I probably have some time to fight back.  They think my chances make me worth at least a surgery to remove the primary tumor in my rectum, so they're referring me to a proctologist, Dr. Michelle Murday, to do that.  They will then test the removed tumor to see whether a drug called 'Gleevec' will help me or not.  That's the best I can tell you right now.   I appreciate your messages and best wishes."

Okay, you may all think bad news:  it's spread.   Well, we were expecting that, given it is in the lymph nodes, so we are saying, "Yay!  It's not in the brain or lungs! See, miracles already!"    

Mark and Laurel


  1. I love how positive you guys sound GOOD!

  2. Our prayers are with you! Love, Gerd-Inger and Mark