Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post #7

Well, I guess this entry is to let all of you know that we don't know anything more.    We went to a doctor's appointment on Monday (6/28), waited 3 1/2 hours in the doctor's office, only to find out that the lab results are still not ready, and that therefore the doctor can't tell us anything more.   Doctor Noyes did tell us that he is referring us to another doctor over at the Huntsman Cancer Center.    I don't know if that is bad or good, in light of the fact that Dr. Noyes is recognized as the expert.    Does he think this case is hopeless or does he think Mark needs some kind of experimental therapy?    I've decided to be grateful that we have more time to strengthen Mark in ways that medical science doesn't recognize prior to any medical therapy which will be hard on his immune system.

In spite of all of that, we are feeling very hopeful.   Mark's energy has increased, perhaps due, at least partially, to really good nutrition.   Yesterday he visited a friend of ours, Cliff Dunston, who gave him an energy session and cleared blockages in the lympatic system.    Mark felt much better after the session.      

We've had many spiritual blessings and we are very grateful.   Mark has also had numerous visits from his children and grandchildren.   I notice a distinct lightening in his mood and energy when he gets such a visit.  I've actually seen him laugh - he so enjoys his grandchildren.

We are also very grateful to all of you who have lent a helping hand and for all of your prayers on our behalf.  We know the prayers are making a BIG difference, so please don't grow weary and keep remembering us in your prayers.    

Love to you all, Laurel

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  1. It's been great visiting you guys several times this past month! I know I have really enjoyed seeing you, and I know Spencer has as well. Seeing him have more energy has been great and we are continuing praying for him and you as well!